The House of Stuart – Part 1, The Introduction

Introducing… Stuart

When the OnPoint team came up with the idea of writing about our favorite crafts, hobbies and other artistic creativities, I wasn’t sure what niche I was going to cover. I’m not a painter, quilter, or jewelry maker by love or trait. But right around the time we were discussing this idea, I was signing on the dotted line to become a first time homeowner. And as HGTV or the DIY network illustrates, a home is a never-ending place of projects, creative changes, & touch ups. I thought, “What a perfect thing to write about!” So as I start this new adventure myself, I thought I would share with you all my homeownership failures, triumphs, and funny anecdotes.

White house with front walk

My new house – aka “Stuart” the new man in my life.

Alas, without any further ado, I would like to introduce you all to Stuart. Stuart is a three bedroom, one bathroom, and half-finished basement bungalow home. He was built in the 1950’s, with original hardwood floors throughout. When I was looking for a single family home in the Grand Rapids, MI area, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the homes still had their original hardwood. That was a big draw for me.

Stuart also has a three-season, enclosed back porch, with a large backyard attached. I have two inside cats and I know when the weather gets warmer, this will become one of their favorite spots. Both Anya and Nala have no interest in visiting the outside elements (they are little divas and they know it), but like most felines, they love to squirrel watch and meow at them if one gets (too) close. Anya and Nala like to show their dominance – for they think they’re tough little kitties – they are not.

Nevertheless, like most older homes, the kitchen and bathroom are outdated. Many of the walls need new, fresh coats of paint. My mom is a great painter and has already put her master artistic skills to work. (Pictures of the newly painted rooms will be included in upcoming articles). Some of the electric outlets are old, broken and need to be replaced (Hi Dad!). And some of the plumbing pipes are old galvanized lines that needs to be updated (Hi Mr. Plumber!).

But all in all, Stuart is a charming, cozy guy. As I sit in my new living room writing this, I think of all the updates that still need to be done and the changes I want to make. It has only been a couple of days, but I think Stuart and I are going to have a lot of fun together and I hope you all come along for the journey! ~Athina