I’m not in Greece anymore.


Athina Morehouse

Growing up in a creative family, arts, crafts & projects were a part of my everyday life. But my love of the arts didn’t come from paint brush or fabrics, but through the lens of a camera.

I never had the creative bug for drawing or painting. But from an early age, I did with the video camera. When watching a movie or TV show, the shot selections used, the editing cuts made, and all the other technical aspects always intrigued me. Being behind the camera and making those decisions was what I wanted to learn and do.

With a desire to work behind the camera, I attended and graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a  media/communications degree in 2012. During my time at Olivet, I created and edited videos for class projects and local companies. During my senior year, I studied abroad and interned at a PBS in Washington, DC where I worked with the on-location production team.

Now working for the largest arts and crafts distributor, I find myself back around various talented artists. This led me to be a part of the OnPoint team, where I get to exercise my video editing skills.

On Point has been so much fun. Not only do I get to create these videos with friends and continue to grow in my craft, but I get to learn about new arts as well. A year ago, I had no idea what a scant-quarter inch was in quilting. Now I do. Who knows, maybe I’ll find the courage to make a quilt myself! Maybe.