Love for color and type can take you places.


Michelle Sheler

I have been a crafter and an artist since I was very young. Starting with knitting and crochet I moved onto drawing, painting and even miniature dollhouse furnishings. Name a craft and I’ve probably tried it. As an adult my favorite artistic endeavors are quilting, jewelry making, (specifically chainmaille pieces) and watercolor painting.

A self-taught Graphic Designer for 30 years, I began working in the field as lead designer for a downtown public relations firm. I then was blessed as head of the advertising department of a major sheet music company. After that, I made my mark as a designer for a very successful, local sign company. I now enjoy doing lots of volunteer design work for my local quilt guild, West Michigan Quilters’ Guild, and I am currently building my freelance graphic design company, Sheler Design.

I always wondered where my love for color and type would take me. Apparently TV is the next step in the process of my life and I’m loving the experience.